VSI School Management


CA Ramesh C. Sharma

( Chairman )

“If we want to reach the real peace in this world we should start educating world in right manner”.

Human history is replete numerous examples when an individual guided with determination, hard work and public good in mind changed the world around and redefined life.

I am personally fascinated with endeavours of Abraham Lincon, Nelson Mandela, Gautam Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and many more.

I repose my firm belief that behaviour any individual guided with high values, firm determination and zeal to achieve success can reach the epitome of success. Here at VSI International School, we are determined to provide all opportunities and resources to all the children for their success in life.

Mrs. Ritu Sharma

Mrs. Ritu Sharma

( Principal )

In a rapidly transforming world where advancement of technology has redefined norms of human propagation, VSI International envisions an institute that fulfills the needs the global expectations in National spirit.

“We envision life to be expressed in the lives of students to safeguard the hard earned resources of parents along with preserving human wealth”

Mrs. Beena Sharma

Mrs. Beena Sharma

( Secretary )

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”.

In the rapidly transforming world humanity is in constant search for refined tools to upscale and upgrade the achievements and propagation of life.

I am delighted in realizing that VSI International school’s philosophy of education caters to the modern day demand of humanity which can preserve our glorious past with rational augmentation of future technologies.

We are aimed to inculcate best human values with 21st century skills embedded with academic excellence to the students so that they can preserve their cultural, social and national pride and confront modern day challenges with head held high.

CA Aanchal Sharma

CA Aanchal Sharma

( Director )

“Education is the art of making humanity ethical”

We start our journey as a bud and we starting sowing it with education which imparts knowledge and we bloom into beautiful flower. With this growing population education is very important to differentiate ourselves from the crowd and to make a mark in this world. With this thought we are here to nurture the raw minds into something beautiful that will bring a change to this world. Not a big one thought but many small and innovative one.

All this is possible through adaptability, confidence and skill development.

Anybody can be a trend follower but I strongly believe that we need to have a lot of confidence and a curiosity to learn new things to be a trend setter.

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