Our School seeks to provide a learning environment which is caring, motivating and supportive allowing all students to achieve their personal best. The students learn to give and receive respect as they are groomed into citizens not only of this country but alsoof the workd. VSI International School aims to develop in each student awareness of his or her intellectual, artistic and recreational potential and an understanding of his or her history. The school believes in the development of each student’s intellectual curiosity and is committed to academic excellence. To fulfill these aims, the objectives of the school are:

  • To promote academics, physical and personal development in our students.
  • To develop our students, learning skills which will be of lifelong value.
  • To encourage positive and optimistic attitudes in our students.
  • To develop creative skills.
  • To prepare the students for life, to develop the qualities of the mind, the heart and the skills and attitudes which enable him to cope with the demands of life.
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What we do to achieve our mission

  • The process of learing is made enjoyable, active and dynamic.
  • An explicit commitments is made to continuing professional development to encourage teaching methods that are creative, varied and flexible.
  • Children are taught that problem solving, creativity, innovation and self direction characterize work at all levels.
  • Success is recognized, valued and celebrated in a variety of ways at many different levels.
  • We create a spirit of partnership involving the students, staff and parents in which each individual feels welcomed and valued.
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Our Core Values

Our Mission: Why we are here

  • To impart knowledge in order to activate the intellect, generate curiosity, form proper attitudes, inculcate human values, fearlessness, self reliance and self forgetfulness, all of which go to make aperfectly integrated personality.
  • To provide wholesome development of the child i.e. the intellectual, physical, moral, social and emotional development.
  • To foster simple values of life in the child’s education at all levels, ensuring promotion of rich Indian values.
  • To acquaint the students with the nation’s cultural heritage & with the principles of democracy, secularism and national integration.
  • To grow each child into a creative and confident citizen in wide range of activities so that he/she can achieve success in life.
  • To raise the potential of each child to stand successfully not only at national level but also in global scenario.

Our Approach : How we achieve it

Pursue excellence and all else shall follow.

We aspire to instil the right attitude, values and vision that will prepare the students for lifetime of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

Our values: We believe in

  • Student Success
  • Lifelong learning
  • Respect, Integrity, Trust Honesty and Ethical Behaviour
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
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