We believe that education lies beyond the text book, and that true learning comes from self enquiry and research, from discussion, from reading and from encouraging the natural curiosity of young minds. We believe that it is important to ensure the overall development of each of our students-through the physical, mental and spiritual development of their senses.The school encourages experiential learning through:

  • Adventure Camps
  • Trips & Excursions
  • Day Picnics
  • Movies

The arts at the school is seen as an effective and powerful medium for self-exploration, self expression and a tuning into the inner self. In the performing arts, theatre and music assume special significance. Theatre activities at the school are designed to inspire originality and provide a platform for creative expression and exposure to the skills and art of theatre.

Music at VSI International School is a celebration of the wide range of musical instruments and styles found in the Indian culture. Children are exposed to the finer nuances and subtleties of a variety of musical sounds and rhythms. Each child is encouraged to sing, play and participate in a range of music related activities to discover the “magic of music” and the “musicians” within themselves. Fine arts include drawing, painting, sketching, calligraphy, clay modelling and sculpture. Students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of media. Designated activity areas provide space for children to utilize the available facilities several times during the week.


Dance is a dynamic activity that offers students a range of benefits. It promotes physical fitness, coordination, and flexibility, while also fostering creativity and self-expression. Dance classes provide a fun and engaging environment for students to explore movement, build confidence, and develop teamwork and discipline skills.

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Music activities for students provide a multitude of benefits. They enhance cognitive abilities, improve memory and concentration, and promote creativity and self-expression. Students can learn to play instruments, sing in choirs, or participate in music clubs, fostering teamwork, discipline, and a lifelong appreciation for the power of music.

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Art and Craft

Engaging in art and craft activities benefits students in numerous ways. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and imagination while fostering fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Students can explore various mediums, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and crafts, to develop problem-solving abilities and gain a deeper appreciation for aesthetics and personal expression.

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Quiz and debates

Quiz and debate activities provide valuable learning experiences for students. Quizzes test their knowledge and critical thinking skills while fostering healthy competition. Debates encourage research, communication, and persuasive abilities, allowing students to develop informed opinions and articulate their thoughts effectively. These activities promote intellectual growth and enhance teamwork and public speaking skills.

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Spoken English

Engaging in spoken English activities helps students improve their language proficiency and communication skills. Through conversations, role-plays, and presentations, students gain confidence in expressing themselves in English, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their fluency. These activities also promote active listening, cultural understanding, and effective interpersonal communication, preparing students for real-life situations.

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Indoor Games

Indoor games offer students a fun and engaging way to develop various skills. Games like table-tennis, Billiards, chess, puzzles, and board games promote critical thinking, strategy, and problem-solving abilities. Activities such as card games, table tennis, and darts enhance coordination, reflexes, and concentration. Indoor games provide entertainment, social interaction, and mental stimulation for students.

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Self-defense and Yoga

In today’s world self-defense has paramount importance. Martial arts helps student mentally, Physically and Emotionally. Self-defense classes empower students with essential skills to protect themselves, boosting confidence and personal safety. Yoga cultivates mindfulness, flexibility, and stress management, enhancing focus and emotional resilience. These activities instill discipline, self-awareness, and a healthy lifestyle in students.

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Since the students are natural learners, very inquisitive, possess a surprising scope of interests and have opinions and express therefore learning Calculation through abacus makes your Calculation Stronger and faster.

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