Teach Your Child About Stranger Danger

It’s even hard for Parents to know who and when a person becomes dangerous. So, think about your child who hasn’t even crossed the maturity level, how can he/she Know about a stranger danger?

To overcome this deficiency of understanding, the wrong situation or the wrong person, parents must teach their children about some basic safety precaution from strangers. So that at least they can understand what is happening to them and can understand it’s the time to call Mom & Dad or someone with whom they feel safe.

Today’s Article is really important which will tell you some safety tips for your children which can save them from being abused, kidnapped or Harmed.

stranger danger lesson plans for preschoolers

Tell your child about Bad Stranger

A 3 to 4- year child obviously cannot identify or differentiate between Good and Bad stranger. Children think that a person who seems nice to them and buys them chocolates and smiles gently is a good stranger. Tell your child that

  • It is not necessary that a person who looks good is a good stranger even a pretty looking women can also be a bad person.
  • Tell them a stranger is a person, who he doesn’t know. Tell them some names other than you, his grandpa etc. which you think he can trust on like your neighbor or teacher. So that he can take help from them also.
  • Tell them not to talk with an unknown person.

Start With The Discussion of Body

Your child is very small and it is not possible to tell him/her about sexual abuse. But you can teach them about Good touch and Bad touch.

  • If your child is very small, just tell him to stay close whenever you go out.
  • You can simply tell about some of his body part which is not to be touched and if anyone ever does that, just come out from there instantly and tell your Mamma & Papa.
  • For elder children, you must tell them that your body is precious and it is not okay if anybody tries to touch it.

Instructions for Public Toilets

At the age of 7 to 8 years, most of the children are ready to use the public bathroom. Here also, you need to teach something to your child-

  • Inst. for you- Try to stay close to the door and tell if he/she needs you.
  • If in-case you are not there, teach your child to avoid taking anyone’s help. Tell him to say ‘ No, thanks!, I can do it myself’.

When Your Child is at Home Alone

When your child gets older, it may need to leave him at home but you need to be sure as if he is prepared to be alone or not. Just tell him/her some instructions-

  • Tell him not to open the door if someone comes after you.
  • Tell your child, If a person has a courier, just ask him to leave it outside or tell him to come later.
  • Teach him to make a call as an older child can easily do this, he can call and confirm the identity of the person from you.

stranger danger for 5 year olds

Sometimes You also Don’t Know You kid is in Danger

stranger danger sign and safety

Yes! Beyond all these instruction and safety precautions, you miss very important fact which usually every parent neglect. What if a known becomes a stranger?

  • Strangers are less likely to kidnap or harm a younger child, they mostly target a teenager. And today, the children are much likely to be abused by the person they know very well.
  • For a small child, it is really a tough task to teach them about it. You can simply tell them that no one should hurt them or touch them in private even the person whom they know very personally.
  • You also must be aware of these known stranger as they could be the persons whom you trust blindly.

Use Code Words

Make a code word which only you and your child knows, it will be like a game to them.

  • Tell them anyone who comes to pick you up will know the code word if he doesn’t then it means you must not go with them.
  • Tell your child if they are apart from you and something is making them feel bad, they can call and use the code and ‘Mamma, Papa will pick you up’.

Time to Show Some Action

It may possible to face some situation where you need to teach your child how to be destructive and do some actions. It’s okay if someone is adoring you but it is not okay when they start forcing you for anything.

  • Tell your kid, if someone tries to take them forcibly without their permission or hurting them in alone, don’t show any manner I teach you, punch them, scream out loud and make a scene.
  • Tell them to throw things on the stranger, doesn’t matter if it hurts him.
  • Take help from any storekeeper who knows you.
  • Or look for a policeman.

Don’t Scare Your Child

Children have very soft heart, they can be very scared of your talk. If you tell them some statements such as ‘A stranger will take you away from me’ or ‘He will kill you and me’ etc. Just make it very simple. Also, don’t overdo the above instructions. Try all these instructions whenever you go out for a vacation, any Halloween or when your child is going for a school trip or when you keeping him alone at home.

Note: Always make your child remember your phone number and address. Test your child by a quiz and sometimes with real actions. It may look like rubbish for some time but it can be life-saving techniques also if you make your child ready for any situation.

These were some safety precautions for your child. I hope it will be very helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding child’s safety, you can write it below in the comment section.

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