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Safety in School- Rules for Classrooms and Buses for the Safety of Child in School

Safety in School in the most important thing these days. Parents are very much concerned when it comes to choosing a school for their child and the first thing which comes to their mind is the safety and especially when its a girl child. Schools are nowadays only focusing on the admissions without upgrading the interior facilities for the students and the first and foremost facility which everyone looks for is the safety of the child in school, classroom, and buses. This can be in any aspect of safety in school like the safety of school bus, safety in the classroom, safety rules in the school, etc. So, with this article, we will let you know about the Safety Features which must be considered while choosing a school for your child.

Must-Have Safety Rules in the School

#1 Safety Against Bullying, Harassment, Violence, and Other Distractions

safety in School

As we all know that school environment directly affects the studies. The healthy environment helps the child to grow and learn in the positive direction and if not, it may lead the students to depression. Also, the activities like bullying, Harassment, Violence creates a negative environment and students might also get attracted and involved into that. Therefore, check the school’s strictness in concern to these kinds of activities before selecting the right school for your child in India.

Parents should communicate with existing student group or their parents for better knowledge regarding the school’s environment and safety rules in the School.

#2 Safety Against Accidental Issues

safety rules of school

Many times students get injured while playing, during bus journeys, or by slipping at any place or due to any other reason. The school must have a medical staff which is quick to respond to any kind of accidental injuries. The quick medical assistance facility gives a relief to both parents and students. Parents can also ask for the look of medical facilities to get a better idea on this. Safety of school buses is the major issue for playschool children.

#3 Safety of Primary Students

Primary section students are the new buds which have just started to grow at school. Therefore, they require a proper guidance, so that they can learn in a positive and healthy environment. Many times it is observed that primary section students are misguided by their seniors which should be strictly avoided. So, a separate primary section wing/ building where the senior student entry is prohibited will give a proper safety to the primary students.

Parents can ask for a round throughout the school in order to check this.

#4 Safe Transportation

Every school provide the transportation facility but is that safe? Especially when it is a girl child, the transportation safety is one of the most important concerns for parents. In the recent survey, the most complaints from the parents are coming against the bus safety. So, we say that safety of a child in school starts with the safety of school buses. The school buses can only be safe when there is a proper supervision of authority and responsible driver and conductor.

safety rules in school

Parents can further communicate with the bus drivers or conductors from where they are allowed to pick the child, or where they will drop the child according to your location, what they use to do when children got late from the school.

Also, the proper intimation by school authority and driver to the parents regarding any kind of delay in dropping the child at their destination is a good step for parent’s satisfaction.

#5 Regular Communication Between the School and Parents

School officials must intimate the parents whenever there is need to do so. The two situation when the school must communicate parents are:

  • when any mishap happens.
  • When the student is not present at school.

This creates a healthy relationship between parent and school and puts a positive strictness on students which is quite necessary.

#6 Prohibition of Mobile Phones

safety of child in school

Mobile phones have both pros and cons but a slight negative instruction can give the innocent students a wrong path. So, school authorities should not take any kind of risk and strictly prohibit the use the mobile phones in the school campus. If students have any informational query, they can refer to the school’s computer labs. So, for the safety of the child in school mobile phones must be prohibited. 

#7 Safety Education in School

Safety Education in School

School officials or parents can’t be everywhere for the safety of students. So, students must learn some safety methods for their own protection. For this, the school must conduct regular sessions for safety tips and techniques. Safety education in schools for violence and sexual abuse is a must these days, seeing the current scenario. 

#8 Safety of Girls

Safety of girls is the most important thing which every school should look up to. Also, girls should get some privileges when it comes to safety and school should take strict actions against the one who acts against the girl safety. Also, parents should speak up with a number of parents about girls safety whose children are already studying in the school.

#9 CCTV Surveillance

Schools should be well equipped with CCTV Cameras for a proper safety in school and so that the officials can have a look at every corner of the school. Also, there should be a proper viewing of these cameras. This is very important activity as with this some strictness will be imposed on them and they will behave well.

#10 Safety Measures Against Fire or Other Natural Calamities

If some unusual activity like fire or any other natural calamity happens in school, school authority must have alternate plans to deal with that. One of the ideal ways is that the school should have multiple exit doors from the campus. Fire Safety in school is very important in the today’s era of electronics 

#10 Safety in Classroom

There should be some safety rules in school classroom like no fighting, well-finished furniture, there should be ample spacing between the seats so that students don’t stick with each other. This is a part of a management security and safety in schools.

So, if now any authority guarantees full safety in school, check all these safety rules in the school brochure as well as physically verify them. If you find these, then only go for admission.

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