How to Prepare your child for school admission interview

How to Prepare Your Child for School Admission Interview

Want to know how to prepare your child for school interview questions? Read this blog and find out everything you and your child needs to know before heading for the school admission interview.

Many Private schools in Jaipur take an interview for admission. These interviews can be stressful for the child and the parents as well.

The interview can be a new phase of a child’s life as it can open the door for his great future. As it is quite hard to teach a small children everything and make first impression best, here are some tips which will help you prepare your child for his first interview.

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How to Prepare the Child for School Interview Questions

Do a Thorough Research

It is essential to know about the school in which you want your child to be admitted. Schools are specific about their expectations for their future students. You can simply inquire what they ask during the interview, and written test by getting in touch with the parents of children who are already studying in that school Collect the possible information, note the commonly asked in the particular school and start according to them. This definitely will help your child prepare for the interview, and you will not be caught for unawareness.

Get Your Child a Comfort Zone

Getting your child a comfort zone is another important thing. Most of the children got school phobia because of discomfort from the environment of interviews and admission. See any other person whom you know is also trying for admission in the same school. If your neighbour or friend is doing so, you can increase your bonding with them and get your child a new friend so that he won’t feel that he is in a strange place.

Work on the Basics

Schools may not notably mention asking Parents name, flower, shape and colors during the interview, but your child must know them. Make your child learn about the name of the respective school, parents, their profession, address of the home, country name, etc. Also, revise the essentials such as colors & shapes name, alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, flowers, the national anthem of the country etc.

Create a Home Learning Routine

You should regularly give time to your child’s learning. Spend time with your child and teach him on a daily basis. Create a routine and set a time when you ask him to focus on the learning part forgetting all the fun part. Although this will be difficult if your kid is a toddler, he/ she will learn gradually and this steadfast approach will surely show results. This will help the child brush his skills and learn fast. Prepare him Smartly, Schools mainly give admission on the basis of these points-

  • Child’s communication skills
  • His interaction level
  • His cognitive
  • Academic skills

So, you need to Identify your child’s lapses and start working harder according to that. Pay attention especially to his/ her speech, body language, and handwriting. Let him solve some Puzzles. It really hone a kids’ problem-solving skills.

Include Your Kid in Activities

Include your child in household activities such as arranging toys, take their plates away when they are done. Make communication, interaction and other skills as a daily routine and play. As you cannot teach these skills to your kid in a day, you should start working on it as soon as possible. Avoid pressuring your child a month before the admission test for these skills as they take time to develop.

Teach Your kid cleanliness

Cleanliness habit reflects in the interview, they may check it also. Your child may also be asked if he cleans his hands before and after eating or using the toilet? It doesn’t only benefit him for an interview, but it reflects his personality as well. Teach your child to be neat and clean right from the childhood. Be strict in this case and teach him/ her very smoothly and lovingly.

Teach to Dress Properly

Dress your child neatly, not only at the time of admission but always. A little bit oil to set his hair and comb the hair properly. Make your child wear the least and simple accessories. Don’t pack him/ her, dress him/ her in comfortable, airy clothes. Even your dressing also matters. Try to have a simple formal wear. Avoid bright, glittery or flashy colors or glitter ornaments.

Don’t be Too Strict with Your Kid

You must remember you are teaching to a kid who may not get the worldly mannerisms in a single practice. Go slow and take one step at a time. Train him/ her and don’t be too strict.

Tackle the Tantrums of kid

Children are very close to parents more than anything in this world.  Parents generally give all the love of them to their kid. However, this sometimes makes your kid a little troublesome and demanding. Here, you need to be a bit strict and make them understand to behave themselves while outside. Handle it with tricks and compassion while outside and explain to them why they are wrong and why they should not act like this outside.

Encourage Your Kid to talk

Stop your child from being shy in front of everyone. Most of the children feel diffident in expressing their views in front of strangers. This can be a hurdle during admission.

So, here’s what you can do-

  • Increase their social interaction
  • Let them interpret poems to elders
  • Ask them to talk in English with people, you yourself start creating this environment.
  • Teach your child to introduce himself/ herself by making eye contact, shaking hands and answering questions.
  • Tell him/ her to order something at a restaurant or answer the phone call.

Awareness through Unique Learning

Let your child observe hoardings and ask for the colors, and alphabets in them, also, ask him/ her to read the number plates of vehicles, certain words of books, newspapers or the display boards at shops and malls. Do it in a fun way, and your child will learn beyond books with uniqueness.

Arouse Curiosity in Your Child

Schools also test the observation skills and alertness of the child. They can give him/ her a task for that instant. You should make him understand the surroundings. Question your kid and encourage him/ her to question about each thing. That’s your responsibility to be patient and answer to all of his/ her questions. The child automatically becomes confident and well informed in this way. He will know much things and that also helps in developing his brain.

Develop Social Etiquette

This is the things which put the first impression in front of anyone. Some of the things which you can do is-

  • Teach your kid to greet the morning and shake hands.
  • Another important thing is to teach him/ her address “mam/sir” to authorities and not aunty/uncle.
  • Give him with a clean handkerchief and polished shoes.
  • Make sure that you make a habit in the child to say “sorry” and “thank you.” This definitely creates a good impression.
  • Ask him to smile when talking to someone and not crying or being frightened.

Apart from these, create yourself a feel of interview/test by conducting mock tests at home so that the child feels so ordinary as he has already been done all these lots of time.

Stay positive and keep doing well according to these points and add your points as well. If you are also preparing your child for any test or interview, tell us your points too.

We hope we have taken out some stress out of you. All the Best!

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