How to Teach Cursive Writing to Children

Read and know how to teach cursive writing to your child. According to the research, printing letters and writing in cursive activate different parts of the brain. But cursive writing is becoming invisible from the school curriculum as teachers are finding it hard to explain and teach it to small children. Cursive writing learning is also a part of a child’s brain development, It can be and it must be added in their curriculum. However, if it is not in your child’s school, teach it at home. Here’s how to do it.

Here’s How to Teach Cursive Writing to Your Child

Start with Tracing

how to teach cursive writing

The best way to teach cursive writing to your child is to teach how to trace first. Tracing over the alphabets several times will give him a clutch on writing. At the initial stage, you should hold their hand to help her in tracing. Do it several times till they get ready to do it alone.

Give them more material for practice

how to teach cursive writing to kindergarten

Go to any bookstore and buy some stuff for your child. They have lots of materials and worksheets that your child needs for practice. Pick a workbook so that your child can practice with it. Buy a special four ruled notebooks, it helps alot learning at initial stage.

Some of the books for cursive writing contains a 1 month cursive learning. It is quite helpful for many parents. However, this is not recommended for very small children. The 1 month cursive learning book contains the tasks-

  • Day 1 Positioning When Writing in Cursive
  • Day 2 Cursive Writing Lesson Plan
  • Day 3 Gross Motor Cursive Exercises
  • Day 4 Cursive Letter Families
  • Day 5 Pre-Cursive Activities
  • Day 6 Cursive Letter Formation: Wave Letters
  • Day 7 Creative Ways to Practice Cursive
  • Day 8 Cursive Writing Self-Assessment
  • Day 9 Conquering Cursive Letter Connectors
  • Day 10 Left-handed Cursive Writing Tips and Tricks
  • Day 11 Cursive Writing Rhythm
  • Day 12 Cursive Writing Slant
  • Day 13 How to Teach Cursive Letter Identification
  • Day 14 Pencil Grasp in Cursive Writing
  • Day 15 MORE Creative Ways to Practice Cursive Writing
  • Day 16 How to Teach Cursive Writing Speed

Tips for Teaching Cursive in the Classroom  

  • Day 17 Tips for Teaching Cursive in the Classroom
  • Day 18 Cursive Pre-Writing Lines Watercolor Resist Activity
  • Day 19 Cursive Writing Starting Lines
  • Day 20 Cursive Letter Writing Activity
  • Day 21 Diagnosing Cursive Problems with a Cursive Handwriting Assessment Checklist
  • Day 22 Cursive Writing Tips and Cursive Certificate of Completion
  • Day 23 Free Cursive Letter Flashcards
  • Day 24 Cursive Letter Formation: Bump Letters
  • Day 25 Cursive Letter Formation: Tree Letters
  • Day 26 DIY Cursive Activity Beads
  • Day 27 Cursive Letter Slime
  • Day 28 Uppercase Cursive Letter Guide
  • Day 29 The Research on Cursive Writing
  • Day 30 Cursive Loop Letters
  • Day 31 How to Teach Cursive Tow Rope Letters

Teach Lower-case letters first

how to teach cursive writing at home

Whenever we initialize with cursive writing, we must teach lowercase letter first. It will help her to memorize it. It is the most efficient way of learning cursive writing as these letters are similar to alphabetical prints. So, teach the lower case letters first and gradually teach them the capital letters.

Categorize the Alphabets

best way to teach cursive writing

This is a trick which is used in cursive writing learning that is categorization. In order to teach cursive writing, alphabets are divided into the four categories –

  • Clock Climbers (as they all contain clockwise and anticlockwise rotation):  (a, d, g, q, c)
  • The Kite Strings : (i, u w, t, j, p, r, s,o)
  • The Loop Group (All these alphabets contain loops):  (h, k, b, f, l, e)
  • Hills and Valleys (these all look like a hill and valley when traced large) (n, m, v, y, x, z).

These categorizations are based on the style of the alphabet which is used for teaching. Random and unrelated strokes can confuse your child whereas grouping the alphabets in this way you can teach him/ her efficiently and fastly.

Practice in a Large Space

how to teach cursive writing to your child

Let your child feel that he/ she is learning an art. Let your child roll over the floor and draw his words like an art as kids love doing all this. You will feel she/ he is learning fast as it has turned out like a game.

Move According to Child’s Speed

how to teach cursive handwriting

Remember not to rush! Don’t force your child for mastering all the alphabets in one go and if your child is 4 to 5- year-old, it’s a strict no to pressurize him. Initially, start teaching one or two alphabets per week and then move to the next 2 letters.

Learning With Fun

how to teach cursive writing to kids

Kids love to enjoy and do the fun activity. So, turn your teaching in game. Involve your child in fun activities when you teach. Play a game of identifying letters or drawing shapes of alphabets, also, sometimes let her complete the alphabet. It will look like a fun game for your child and he/ she will not get bored also.

Invest Your Time Also

Correction from yourself is most important! Sit beside your child and watch the way she’s tracing the letters or writing the alphabets while your child is doing this. Make correction wherever required otherwise, it will become a habit. Many older people do this mistake such as writing ‘d’ as ‘b’.

Writing is not an inherent task. It is learned through practice. Support your child in his practice and teach them yourself.

If you also have some idea for cursive writing skill, share your tips and feedback in the comments below.

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