how to make kids smarter

How to Make Your Kids Smarter

Every parent has a wish to make their baby smarter. You want to give every advantage to your child, then why not we start from boosting his intellect?

Infant-development experts say that 1st year of a kid’s life is the most important time for learning. However, if you have missed this time, you can apply further tricks to make your kid smarter.

Today’s article is everything about it, the approaches given below will help to raise your kid smarter.

Here’s How to Make Your Child Smarter

Treat Your Newborn Well

how to make your child smarter

If you have a newborn, you have lots of opportunities. A newborn has the highest capability of learning than any age. It is the time to understand the baby as we don’t know anything about him. The other advantage of early teaching is here- Most of the parents don’t understand if their child has a problem. But if you start teaching your child, it will also help you to know if he is unable to do anything and early treatment can save his future also. Here are some tips.

  • Stimulate the vision of your baby. Make eye contact with him, studies show that an infant can copy some of your facial moments, take him to the mirror. These teaching can also be valuable to know if your baby has a problem.
  • Do chat with him and make him laugh.
  • Breastfeed, if possible, research shows that breastfeeding influence intelligence. It also makes a strong bond between you baby.

Time to Explore Your Baby

how to make your kid smarter

When your baby starts sitting and start singing Go Gaga, It’s the time to know more about him and let him know more about surrounding.

  • Spend some time with the baby alone in the natural environment. Let your baby explore, see what he shows you from his eye.
  • When your baby starts crawling, create your own playground for him. Build obstacle with cushions, pillow or lie down on the floor and let the baby climb on you.
  • Dance with him, let him play and laugh as much as he can. (Don’t force his though)

Explore the Surroundings With Your Toddler

how to make your baby smarter

As your toddler is getting older, it’s important to let him explore the external world.

  • Go shopping with him so that he sees a new place.
  • Narrate everything you make him see or you do.
  • Play hide and seek as your baby will see things can disappear and come back also.
  • Make him feel by touch. Take his palm and rub it with different fabrics, leaves flowers etc.

Make Your Kid Learn Things

how to make your toddler smarter

Introduce your kid with the world of words.

  • Introduce alphabets to him. Continue one alphabet for one week. You can give him a snack of that alphabet, write it on somewhere where he always looks.
  • Teach him counting by counting yourself. Start counting with your fingers, then steps etc.
  • Read books again and again. A toddler can better understand language than any elder.
  • Tell him a story every night.

Tips for Your Older Toddler

make your child smarter

  • Enroll your child in Preschool. It is one of the best ways to increase sense and understanding of the society in children as they get interacted with new people and environment.
  • Don’t ever let him miss the breakfast as it decreases ability. Avoid junk food and concentrate on healthy food.
  • Get him music lessons. Music even works for older and child will definitely love it. If you think he/ she has another talent and creativity, you can go for that field also.

The best you can enhance the mental development is very simple by keeping an eye on his everyday activities and habits. Talk to your kid about everything, encourage him to read and explore their creativity. These are very little things but they make a huge difference.

Every parent does his best for their child. And obviously, you are doing great! Just give your insight a way according to your child. Hope this article helped you to do so and stop wondering how to make the child smarter.

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