How to Prepare your child for school admission interview

How to Prepare Your Child for School Admission Interview

Want to know how to prepare your child for school interview questions? Read this blog and find out everything you and your child needs to


How to Teach Cursive Writing to Children

Read and know how to teach cursive writing to your child. According to the research, printing letters and writing in cursive activate different parts of


How to Teach Kind Words to Your Kids

Have you ever heard a child saying “Thank You”, “Please” without being prompted through their parent? Or he/she may even ask to be excused for

Science Facts for Kids

Fun and Amazing Science Facts for Students and Kids That You Need to Know

Today we are presenting amazing science facts for students and kids, which they must know. For example, why does the Moon disappear during the day?


Books to Read For Children in Summer Vacations

A story is possibly the one thing that a child listen and read without interrupting you or himself. Apart from entertaining the children, the story


Best Games For Kids at School

One of the foremost precious fields where a child will learn and find out himself/herself is games for kids at school. Youngsters develop their social


General Knowledge Quiz for Kids – GK Questions and Answers

General knowledge quiz for kids help a child to grow both on the personal and academic level. Kids always use to rote things and it


The Best Nursery Rhymes for Children

Rhymes are taught to every child as it develops their skills in language learning and increases their capturing power. For younger babies, it increases their

Educational Toys for Kids

Educational Toys for Kids to Make Them Learn

Educational Toys are the first thing a child is introduced for fun and entertainment when they turn 3 years old and ready to understand things.

Foods for the Brain Power and Sharp Brain

Foods for the Brain Power and Sharp Brain

Today we are providing you with the list of 10 best foods for brain power that will help you in making your child’s brain sharp.

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